Causes Of Breast Pain, Stomach Cramps To Sore Feet, Vaginal Discharge After Petting?

Illustration of Causes Of Breast Pain, Stomach Cramps To Sore Feet, Vaginal Discharge After Petting?
Illustration: Causes Of Breast Pain, Stomach Cramps To Sore Feet, Vaginal Discharge After Petting?

4 days ago I was petting with a fully dressed couple and a man in jeans. Men Then I wash my hands with soap and wash my vagina with hands that have been washed off the soap. On the 4th day after this relationship, I felt sore breasts, stomach cramps, and leg stiffness, especially my left leg, like the muscles were slightly pulled and felt a white discharge from the vagina. The feeling is exactly like the first day of menstruation. But my estimated period is early May 1 or 3. What are the symptoms of stomach cramps and stiff thighs u0026amp; feet accompanied by discharge from missv is normal a sign of menstruation or a sign of pregnancy considering my period is coming in about 1 week again?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Pregnancy occurs when there is fertilization by a sperm cell to an egg. This fertilization can occur when the two cells meet, which is usually mediated by sexual intercourse. Petting in full clothes will not cause pregnancy because sperm cells are blocked by men's underwear, men's pants, and women's clothing itself. Petting can only cause pregnancy when there is access from sperm cells to enter the female organs. For example, when petting with the condition of the penis and vagina close together without wearing underwear or through the fingers exposed to sperm fluid.

While regarding the condition you are experiencing, among the possibilities are:

Infection. It can be caused by bacteria, fungi or other parasites, and it can affect the female organs, urinary tract, or breast. Irregular menstruation. This condition can occur at any time, and is triggered by stress, lack of exercise, fatty foods and so on. Pelvic inflammation.

Our advice, check your condition to a general practitioner first so that you can be directed to where you should do further examinations. Because the symptoms you experience can be a combination of several conditions that occur near the time. So it takes a history extracting and physical examination by a doctor to be able to determine the tendency of your condition.

Meanwhile, live a healthy lifestyle by increasing the consumption of water, fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, getting enough rest, avoiding fatty foods, and keeping your feminine area clean by always changing your underwear, cleaning from front to back, and avoiding wearing pants that are dirty. too tight. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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