Causes Of Bruising On The Legs?

Illustration of Causes Of Bruising On The Legs?
Illustration: Causes Of Bruising On The Legs?

I want to ask, 1 month I have a new routine, but since the routine runs every end of the weekday bruises appear on the legs, why is that? Please explain

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Hello Amanda Soraya,

Bruising is formed due to the release of blood from blood vessels into surrounding tissues, for example under the skin. Bruises at the beginning will be reddish and then with increasing days will become purplish-greenish-greenish-yellowish until finally disappearing.

Bruising on the skin can result from the following things:

 Mechanical trauma, such as bumping (for example during soccer), hitting, pinched, strenuous activities using parts of the foot (including running a marathon, jumping on a hard base without shoes with the right soles), using footwear too narrow, etc. Mechanical trauma can injure blood vessel walls, resulting in blood leaking out and bruising. Injury to the bones, muscles, and tendons of the leg can also be followed by symptoms of bruising. Thrombocytopenia (low platelet levels) in dengue fever, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, aplastic anemia Hemophilia Vitamin K deficiency, vitamin C Vasculitis Use of blood-thinning drugs such as: warfarin, aspirin, clopidogrel Bruising on normal skin can disappear spontaneously in time < 14 days. Bruises that arise in various parts of the body, large size, appear spontaneously without obvious cause of trauma, appear repeatedly, accompanied by other signs of spontaneous bleeding such as nosebleeds, bleeding gums, heavy menstruation, need to get further examination with a doctor.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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