Causes Of Cellulitis?

Illustration of Causes Of Cellulitis?
Illustration: Causes Of Cellulitis?

Hello r nI am a nursing student doing practice and asking for patients with a medical diagnosis of cellulitis r nWhat I want to ask is that my patient had undergone a laparoscopic surgery in September, and now the patient is hospitalized because of tibial edema, after There is no history of allergies, whether the trigger factor is the disease while the patient says not doing heavy activities r nPlease answer r nThank you🙂

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Hi. forum is used for health problems, yes, not for use as literature or assignments. So it is recommended that you look directly at the text book.

Cellulitis is a condition where there is an infection in the skin tissue. Cellulitis is usually caused due to infection from bacteria, either staphylococcus or streptococcus. These bacteria are found in many layers of the outer skin.

Cellulitis has several risk factors such as:

obesity diabetes mellitus The existence of a wound / trauma to the skin Decreased immune system such as HIV / AIDS Autoimmune diseases such as rhematoid arthritis After injection there are various risk factors and other pathophysiology associated with cellulitis, so it is recommended that you read the text book directly.

The following article you can read about cellulitis

may be useful. Thank you

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