Causes Of Chest Pain After An Accident?

Illustration of Causes Of Chest Pain After An Accident?
Illustration: Causes Of Chest Pain After An Accident?

Excuse me doctor, I want to ask. Five days ago, my mom and I had a motorcycle accident. My mom and I are fine, just bruised and chafed. Well, three days after the accident, when I woke up my chest really hurt. I have to stretch until the creak sounds come out so the pain subsides. the next day when you want to watch a movie on the trip suddenly limp, rich like to throw up. At night before going to bed, stomach ache ends with diarrhea. Today it is already better but there is still pain in the chest. When motion in a particular direction the pain recurs again, so I stretch my muscles until the creak sounds come out again. Doctor, do I have to worry about this? Is this heart disease? What should I do?

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Hello Darryl, thanks for the question.

Hope you understand in advance that chest pain can be caused by not heart problems and heart problems. Not all chest pain comes from heart problems. In general, chest pain due to heart problems have the characteristics of:

Complaints of pain such as suppressed or depressed heavy objects, although in some cases can be felt as pain such as pain and heat.
Pain in the middle of the chest, can spread to the back, neck, jaw and left arm.
Generally felt during or after physical activity, especially moderate-heavy activity.
Pain is significant, its frequency continues to increase, its intensity continues to increase. Pain is so real that in some people, they have to stop their activities because they are unable to move. Pain can be felt or felt minimal in people with a history of chronic diabetes mellitus.
Pain is reduced when people are resting or stopping their activities.
Often accompanied by shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting, and cold sweat.
pain is not affected by body movements

From the explanation above you can examine that if your pain decreases when you make a stretching motion, then most likely the pain does not originate from heart problems or other organs in the chest. Some possible conditions that you experience are:

Muscle injury or muscle sprain due to an accident.
Injury to the bone or chest cartilage.
Indigestion like gastritis. Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach wall gives symptoms that are often difficult to distinguish from chest pain. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, sometimes accompanied by diarrhea, bloating, easy satiety, no appetite, often belching, chest pain or heartburn, can be accompanied by dizziness and weakness. Gastritis can occur at any time in people without a history of previous gastritis.

In the meantime you don't need to worry too much. Please remember that psychological stress can worsen the symptoms of gastritis. Improve your rest, stay away from cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohol, drink enough water, eat lots of vegetables and fruit. If you experience symptoms that do not go away or your symptoms worsen as described above, then you should consult a doctor.

Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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