Causes Of Chest Pain Around The Heart

Illustration of Causes Of Chest Pain Around The Heart
Illustration: Causes Of Chest Pain Around The Heart

I was 18 years old at the end of this day. My heart often aches. I don’t know what causes it, and no family has a history of heart disease. I am afraid if it turns out that heart disease … Can heart disease be caused by something else?

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Pain in heart disease has the characteristics of pain in the left chest or solar plexus that feels like being pressed by a heavy object, pain radiating (to the shoulder, jaw, left arm and hand), pain accompanied by cold sweat or palpitations or shortness of breath. In some cases, pain in heart disease appears as a complaint that is not typical. Where similar to complaints of magh disease or high stomach acid. In other cases, pain in heart disease appears as symptoms similar to infection or lung injury. And in other cases, pain in heart disease can also appear similar to pain due to muscle strain in the chest wall or chest bone injury. To ascertain whether the pain that is felt comes from the heart and not from the stomach, lungs, muscles or breast bones, it is necessary to conduct medical interviews and direct physical examination as well as supporting examinations of heart records and chest X-rays.
For now, stay at home and observe the development of pain that you experience. Try to relax by breathing deeply then exhaling slowly through the mouth. Do it regularly and repeatedly until the complaint feels better. In addition, improve your diet, i.e. eat regularly 3 times a day, avoid foods high in cholesterol / bad fats (jero-viscera, fried foods, coconut milk, etc.), avoid salty foods, consume lots of foods high in fiber (papaya, nuts etc.) and avoid foods that are irritating (chillies, acids, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol). Also, avoid lifting heavy loads so as not to aggravate the muscles and bones of the chest wall.
If complaints of pain appear as complaints of pain in heart disease that has been mentioned above then immediately to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Especially if accompanied by swollen feet.
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