Causes Of Children Aged 5 Months Often Defecate?

Illustration of Causes Of Children Aged 5 Months Often Defecate?
Illustration: Causes Of Children Aged 5 Months Often Defecate? Bing

, my child is 5 months old but lately he often poops..on Thursday my child pooped 4x and his poop was dark there any effect on formula milk? Thank you

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Hello Dwi,

Thank you for asking Diarrhea is a condition where the frequency of defecation is more frequent than usual and the consistency is thinner than usual, if your baby's bowel movements are more frequent than usual, it can be said that your baby has diarrhea. One of the possible causes of diarrhea is lactose intolerance from the formula that your baby drinks.

Until the age of the first 6 months, the best food for the baby is only breast milk or it is called exclusive breastfeeding because its nutrition, composition and texture are very suitable for the digestive tract and baby's development. Normally baby stools are yellowish in color due to the process of digesting fat from breast milk with bile.

In infants who are given food other than breast milk, for example formula milk, it will cause the baby's digestive process to change so that the bowel movements are no longer yellow and can turn green. In addition, the iron contained in formula milk can also cause baby stools to turn green.

Green defecation in babies is generally normal and not dangerous, especially if you consume formula milk, but you need to watch out for whether there are other symptoms or not, such as:

·        Diarrhea (diarrhea).

·       Abdominal pain where the baby looks fussy.

· Vomit.

· Fever

To be sure, do a direct examination with a doctor. It is better to return to exclusive breastfeeding for baby food until the age of 6 months. The more often the baby feeds on the nipple, it will stimulate your milk production to come back out and be more abundant.

Thus the information from me, hopefully useful.


dr. junior

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