Causes Of Children Vomiting Blackish?

Illustration of Causes Of Children Vomiting Blackish?
Illustration: Causes Of Children Vomiting Blackish?

night doctor, my child was sick with heat for 2 days. did not enter the food and drinks at all but vomited continuously. vomiting began yellow but it had turned blackish. it’s because of what yes. my child can not take medicine / drink if it hurts. how y doctor thank you

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Hello Avantasia,

Vomiting is the body's response when there is irritation in the digestive tract such as the stomach or the body's effort to expel foreign objects that enter the digestive tract. Vomiting 1-2 times does not need to worry, but if the child vomits continuously until he can not drink at all this condition needs to be aware of because it can bring complications in the form of dehydration (the body lacks fluids).

Vomiting is a symptom that can be found in many diseases and disorders, for example:

Food poisoning
Urinary tract infection
Lactose intolerance
Gastric ulcer

Black vomit such as coffee grounds can occur under the following conditions:

Blood from wounds in the esophagus or mouth due to continuous vomiting

Gastric ulcer (there are sores on the mucosal wall in the stomach)
Fungal infections
Thrombocytopenia (low platelet levels)

If the child repeatedly vomits black, the mother should take the child to the doctor for a direct examination. Mothers should recognize signs of dehydration in children, for example, lips look dry, eyes appear cowong, when the skin is pinched stomach will shrink and long back to normal, and children rarely urinate. If there are signs of dehydration, try to give more fluids (especially ORS) or if it can't, then the child may require intravenous fluids. Providing medicines to reduce nausea and vomiting can also be done by doctors so that children can immediately drink and eat again by mouth.

If there is fever with 2-7 days accompanied, vomiting such as coffee grounds, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, bleeding spots on the skin or eyes, the mother must take the child to be examined by a doctor to ensure that the child is not affected by dengue fever. Investigations in the form of routine blood need to be done to count the number of platelets in the blood. Children affected by DHF need to get proper fluid therapy to prevent hypovolemic shock that can be life threatening.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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