Causes Of Chronic Holes In The Legs?

Illustration of Causes Of Chronic Holes In The Legs?
Illustration: Causes Of Chronic Holes In The Legs? Bing

want to ask my feet are like holes that bother me. This hole suddenly exists and has not disappeared for years even like a ship but this is a hole. The flesh in the hole will harden over time, does the doctor know the cause and the cure?

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Hello Mr. Aryadi

Based on the complaints you experience, you may have pitted keratolysis. This disease is a condition where there is a bacterial infection on the outer surface of the skin which is usually accompanied by symptoms of an unpleasant odor. It can also be caused by a fungal infection. Some of the causes of this disease are feet that are often damp or sweaty, humid weather, and often wearing closed shoes for long periods of time.

Some other diseases that may cause complaints like yours are: clavus / fish eye, callus / calluses, ringworm due to fungal infection, scabies / scabies, exfoliative keratolysis, akral hypokeratosis.

Consult a doctor if this complaint is very disturbing. The doctor will perform a physical examination and supporting examinations such as KOH examination if necessary.

Hopefully useful, thank you

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