Causes Of Coma For 1 Month After Accidents And Head Injuries?

Illustration of Causes Of Coma For 1 Month After Accidents And Head Injuries?
Illustration: Causes Of Coma For 1 Month After Accidents And Head Injuries?

Hello doctor, I have a question. There was someone in a traffic accident because he was hit by a speeding car, there was a collision in his head and he was in a coma for approximately 3-4 weeks. what happened to his body after he woke up? r n r nHopefully the doctors here will always be healthy, and keep increasing their knowledge. Aamiinn

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Coma is a condition in which a person is unconscious for a period of time as a result of decreased brain activity. This decrease in brain activity can occur due to brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, drugs or poisoning. Certain diseases such as diabetes and infections of the brain can also cause coma. In an accident, the most likely cause is a traumatic brain injury.

To diagnose awareness, GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) is used which the assessment includes the patient's eye opening, verbal response and movement (motor) response. The maximum value is 15, and the value 3-7 is said to be a comma.

Coma is a medical emergency. Prompt action is required to save the patient's life. It takes a variety of tests such as CT scans, blood tests and other tests to determine the cause of the coma. Comas are rarely longer than a few weeks.

The level of consciousness in a coma depends on how severe the damage is to the brain and which part of the brain is still functioning. People in a coma are unaware of their surroundings and cannot respond to sounds or pain. Basic reflexes such as coughing and swallowing in comatose patients are also greatly reduced, and some patients need aids to keep breathing.

Some comatose patients can regain consciousness, and some enter into a vegetative status and die. When in a coma, the body does not move, food intake depends on the outside so that complications can occur in the form of pressure ulcers (sores that arise due to continuous pressure, usually on the back, buttocks), blood clots, organ failure, and so on depending on the underlying disease.

Some patients who are conscious can recover without disability, some have disabilities such as paralysis, memory problems, speech problems, and other symptoms caused by decreased brain function. The length of the coma and what defects after waking are difficult to determine.

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