Causes Of Continuous Defecation Of Babies?

Illustration of Causes Of Continuous Defecation Of Babies?
Illustration: Causes Of Continuous Defecation Of Babies? Bing

Hello, I want to ask..rnMy baby is 5 months old, and now he is continuing to defecate.. He has been defecating continuously for the day, and his bowel movements are every 3 hours..rnAnd his stools are accompanied by blood.. His stools it’s a little bit, but I feel sorry for seeing him talking like he’s sick, gt..rnWhy is that, huh? Please answer!!rnThank you !!

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Hi Tita

The condition of bowel movements with blood is a medical condition that cannot be taken lightly and can even become serious if it does not get proper treatment, so it is best if your child is immediately taken to the doctor for treatment or further action. Defecation of blood should not be left too long because of the risk of causing a lot of blood loss so that the condition can get worse.

The cause of the presence of blood in bowel movements is the occurrence of wounds in the digestive tract, where if this complaint is accompanied by diarrhea or loose stools then several things to consider are

Dysentery Diverticulitis Crohns Disease Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders
Each of the conditions mentioned above has a different treatment. So, more information is needed to be able to determine what situation is actually being experienced by your child. That is the need for a direct examination by a doctor, in addition to being able to conduct interviews with parents or those who take care of them, doctors can also carry out direct physical examinations. Where if the information obtained still does not specifically lead to a disease condition, then a stool examination or blood test may be needed.

Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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