Causes Of Crooked Legs In Children Aged 4 Months?

Illustration of Causes Of Crooked Legs In Children Aged 4 Months?
Illustration: Causes Of Crooked Legs In Children Aged 4 Months?

Morning, I want to ask, my child is a 4 month old girl, but it seems like the left leg is a little bent, but if I don’t, do you know how to tell from a normal leg or not? It’s a while at night when I sleep I just swaddle my hips down …

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Hi Niken,

Anatomically, baby's feet are indeed O-shaped or bent inward. This condition is still within normal limits and will begin to progress after the age of 3 years or more. Sometimes legs look like X-shaped when they are 3-6 years old and then straighten out.

Although often crooked legs are normal, there are several abnormal conditions of crooked feet in babies, including:

Baby's feet still look crooked after 3 years of age or they get more and more bent over time Crooked asymmetrically between right and left Knee bent more than 15 degrees Crooked legs cause disturbed activity, for example, difficulty walking Curved legs accompanied by short stature. rickets, blount disease, history of fractures, fluoride and lead poisoning, and abnormal bone development.

For now if you have no other complaints and the bending is symmetrical, then you don't need to worry first. Your baby's legs will then straighten out on their own. You also do not need to push the baby too hard because that is the risk of pelvic dysplasia. Baby swaddling is allowed for the purpose of warming the baby and the swaddle is made loose so that the baby can move freely. Tips for safe baby swaddling you can read more about at the Infant Swaddling link. In addition, avoid telling / training babies to walk prematurely.

However, if you feel the crooked knee is not symmetrical between the right and left knees, you should check your child directly to the doctor first (either to a pediatrician or an orthopedic doctor) so that further tests can be done if necessary with X-rays and blood tests. to ascertain your child's condition. Then the doctor will provide treatment according to your child's condition.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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