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at the previous nightrnintroduction my name is dandy rafliansyahrnLet’s just go aheadrnbe this way, how come there are lumps on my scalp or like crust, is it dandruff? or what is the cause of the appearance of lumps / crusts on my scalprnI have used shampoo but within a few hours the lumps appear again u0026 more and morernDo I have to use a special shampoo to remove lumps / crusts on my scalp ?rnPlease answer, I have had this symptom for about 2 monthsrnAnd now the lumps / crusts that stick to my scalp are getting more and morernThank yournrnGood night

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The possible cause of the complaints you are experiencing is dandruff. Dandruff is white flakes on the dry scalp that can cause itching.

Here are some causes of dandruff

-fungal infection

-dry scalp type

Seborrheic dermatitis: a type of allergy on the scalp that causes the scalp to become easily peeled and scaly

- Lack of maintaining scalp hygiene (rarely shampooing)

-stress condition

and so forth

In addition, you may also experience psoriasis, a condition in which the skin changes faster than the normal cycle and causes the skin to thicken and scaly.

If the complaint is bothersome, I suggest you consult a dermatologist.

The doctor will examine the condition of your scalp and determine the appropriate treatment according to the results of the examination.

Suggestions for you to do at home:

- Wash regularly every day

-Wash using anti-dandruff shampoo (for example: containing selenium sulfide, salicylic acid) which is sold freely in the market.

-Avoid using a hat or head covering for a while to prevent a sweaty and damp scalp condition that can trigger dandruff

-Avoid scratching the itchy head because it can cause irritation

-Regularly change the pillowcase at least once a week

-Manage stress well

-Get enough rest 8 hours a day

Here's an article related to dandruff

May be useful

Regards, dr. Natalia

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