Causes Of Dark Nail Color At The Age Of 14 Years?

Good night. I am 14 years old and one of my fingers is dark if I am not mistaken since I was 7 years old. Is it cancer. But it doesn’t hurt and now there is a faint line in the middle of my nails. Please answer, thank you

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Subungual melanoma (pigmentation malignancy in the nail) is one type of melanoma in the nail. Unlike nail melanoma, which usually grows on the skin around the nails, subungual melanoma grows on the nail matrix.

To find out whether these abnormalities are at risk of becoming malignant in nails, you can use the ABCDEF instrument.

A: Age, which is 50-70 years old

B: Brown-black band, which is a brown to black vertical line on the nail with irregular edges

C: Change in size, which has a tendency for the disorder to get bigger

D: digit, which is most often found on the big toe or hand nails, and so the index finger

E: Extension, which is an extension of the skin to the skin around the nail

F: Family history, which is a history of melanoma malignancy in the family

If none of the above points are found then it is unlikely that your nail abnormalities are a form of malignancy. Other possible causes of the condition of pigmentation on the nail surface include a history of trauma that causes blood clots to form under the nail or fungal infections in the nails.

Therefore do an examination with a doctor to do a physical examination directly. Early detection would certainly be better, especially if there is a family history of melanoma malignancy.

That's all, hope you can help

Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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