Causes Of Decreased Consciousness After Delivery?

Illustration of Causes Of Decreased Consciousness After Delivery?
Illustration: Causes Of Decreased Consciousness After Delivery?

Why do people postpartum experience decreased consciousness?

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The level of consciousness needs to be measured on a clear scale. In the medical realm, the commonly used awareness scale is the GCS (Glasgow coma scale). On this scale awareness is measured by assessing eye-opening responses, verbal responses, and motor responses. The level of awareness can be identified by a scoring system, which is from a scale of 3 to 15.

Need to clarify, what kind of decreased consciousness do you mean? What is the value of GCS in the patient? Have any other complaints been raised? How is the patient's health condition in general?

Various postpartum complications can occur and make the mother fall into a state of decreased consciousness. One of the most common causes of this condition is excessive postpartum bleeding. The triggers can vary, including due to poor uterine muscle tone, remaining placental or fetal tissue left in the uterus, labor injuries (for example in the perineum or cervix), blood clotting disorders, and so on. This excessive bleeding can make the mother experience severe hypotension and the potential for multiorgan failure if it is not handled properly and quickly. Not only decreased consciousness, this condition can also make the mother pale, pulse fast and weak, excessive cold sweats, weakness, shortness of breath, which can also lead to death.

In addition to postpartum bleeding, various other conditions that can also cause decreased consciousness after delivery include:

Excessive pushing
Head or neck injury
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
Syncope (lack of blood intake to the brain)
Stroke (rupture or blockage of blood vessels in the brain), TIA (transient ischemic attack)
Heart problems, for example due to abnormal heart rhythms or valves, weak heart
Kidney or other internal organ disorders
Hyperventilation, and so on

You can see from our explanation above, that the decline in consciousness after delivery does not always occur in connection with the birth process itself. Therefore, a thorough examination is needed to determine the exact cause of the condition. Therefore, we recommend that you consult directly with a doctor or obstetrician who treats sufferers.

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