Causes Of Decreased Memory In Elderly People With Stroke?

Illustration of Causes Of Decreased Memory In Elderly People With Stroke?
Illustration: Causes Of Decreased Memory In Elderly People With Stroke?

Good afternoon, r n2 years ago my parents had a mild stroke, now he is 65 years old..the effect of this stroke is the right leg becomes lame when walking / stiff. After two years of high blood drug therapy, blood thinners u0026amp; vit folic acid. after 2 years the legs remain limp there is no change and can not walk as usual. Right now I am a little confused because my parents started to become forgetful for example … an hour ago he had just taken medicine and then a few minutes later he wanted take medicine again. Keep forgetting the day … for example at the end of the month he will go traveling out of town … the night he packs the clothes in the suitcase … but in the morning he packs the clothes again taken from the cupboard. be a little, easy to get emotional and often sleep during the day … for example, take a nap for 1-2 hours … after a few hours he slept again … do my parents have dementia … I am very confused. thanks for the answer.

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Hello Mar, thank you for your question to

Stroke is a condition that is caused by an interruption in blood flow to the brain, either due to a blockage in a blood vessel or because of a rupture of the blood vessels of the brain. There are several risks a person has a stroke, for example a history of high blood pressure, diabetes (high blood sugar levels), cholesterol, and so forth. The symptoms themselves can vary, depending on the cause of a stroke, such as weakness of one or both limbs, pelo speech, asymmetrical facial expressions, difficulty swallowing, severe headaches, even to the loss of consciousness (in strokes due to bleeding in the brain the symptoms are usually more severe) .

The treatment of stroke itself requires a long time and extra patience. In people who have had a stroke, sometimes there are still some 'residual' symptoms that can be seen, such as decreased limb function (weakness), speech function or weakness in facial muscles, and cognitive function (thinking power). In addition to drugs such as those your parents take, medical rehabilitation such as physiotherapy is also important to help restore limb function or talk.

For the conditions experienced by your parents, these things can indeed be caused by a stroke that once suffered. Dementia is a condition where there is a decrease in the ability of the brain's function in thinking, remembering, and processing information, which is common in older people (eg over 65 years). In the condition of dementia, a person will have difficulty in remembering, processing information and questions or statements, even to the point of causing mood disorders, which leads to decreased ability to carry out daily activities.

Dementia itself can be caused by impaired blood flow in the brain, for example in stroke patients, also called vascular dementia, or due to other conditions such as Alzheimer's or other diseases. Some things that cause / have symptoms such as dementia for example:

Alzheimer's, a progressive condition of dementia (the longer the symptoms get worse). The exact cause of Alzheimer's is still being investigated, as is its treatment.

Parkinson's disease, caused by the process of degeneration (decreased function due to aging) of the part of the brain that functions to regulate movement. Symptoms can be weakness in limb movements accompanied by slow movements, trembling in the limbs at rest, speech becomes slower and voice decreases, handwriting becomes smaller, and body posture imbalances.

Brain tumor. Sometimes, this abnormal growth of cells can cause symptoms such as dementia, but this is not always the case. Other symptoms can include headaches that are felt to be getting heavier, double vision, weight loss without any other reason, body imbalance, vomiting, seizures, hallucinations, and much more. Symptoms can vary depending on the location of the tumor.
and so forth.

Therefore, the condition that your parents have experienced can be caused by the remaining symptoms of a stroke that he has suffered, vascular dementia, and can not be ruled out also the possibility of the condition due to other causes. My advice, you can check the condition to a neurologist so that the doctor can do a physical examination and other supporting examinations (for example CT scan or MRI, and there are also tests that can be done to assess a person's cognitive function).

In the meantime, continue to pay more attention to your parents and help so that he can do his daily physical activities well. Keep taking the medicine given by the doctor in accordance with the recommendations, and give moral support so that your parents want to do physiotherapy exercises to improve the function of the limbs. Give foods that are high in nutrition (multiply vegetables and fruit, and low in salt and fat to help control high blood pressure).

Also read: Senile, Symptoms of Dementia That Need Treatment

That's all, hopefully it's useful, and hopefully your parents are always healthy.


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