Causes Of Depression / Excessive Anxiety?

Illustration of Causes Of Depression / Excessive Anxiety?
Illustration: Causes Of Depression / Excessive Anxiety?

Hello, I seem to be experiencing depression or excessive anxiety. So like this, about 7 months ago I had a bad dream … When I woke up from the dream I felt very anxious, worried, scared, his heart felt heavy and uneasy, and the condition continued for about a month (accompanied by feeling sad like depression ), after a month the condition stops but becomes a recurrence, so if at a certain time I suddenly feel worried, anxious, uneasy, and depressed for no reason (usually recur if I don’t do activities, or at night, or when thinking / remembering my own condition) I also become more sensitive, so if you feel sad / just feel a little else, so relapse with anxiety and depression. I wonder why? What can disappear by itself does it need deeper handling? I have had nightmares, but I have never been like this, and I have never experienced stress or depression before. The more here anxiety and depression recurrence is reduced and not as intense as before, but I really want the condition to disappear and not relapse again. So that’s how I am, huh? Thank you..

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Hello Aaliyah 2901 Thank you for asking

Basically everyone has negative and positive emotions and feelings of sadness, anxiety, and stress are examples of negative emotions. These feelings are normal and normal feelings that occur when you are faced with a problem that is quite heavy or important. But if excessive anxiety and sadness arise without a clear cause then it needs to be evaluated and need further handling.

And if you feel worried, anxious and uneasy the truth is not always depression. What is meant by depression is actually a mood disorder that tends to sadness that is excessive, deep and a sense of not caring. But this sadness is also a normal and natural feeling experienced by someone occasionally. Here are some signs or characteristics of a person experiencing depression, namely:

Experiencing excessive anxiety and worry
More sensitive
Feeling hopeless, hopeless, feeling useless
Always feeling tired and powerless
Dizziness and pain without apparent cause
Decreased appetite
Sleep disturbance becomes a lot of sleep, or lack of sleep
Decreased performance due to feeling tired
The thought arises to hurt yourself or try to hurt yourself, or the idea arises to hurt yourself or attempt suicide

Loss of motivation or interest in something that was previously liked

Complaints and conditions above will disrupt your life and daily activities, for example, it will disturb work, school performance and other activities. In addition these conditions can also interfere with social relations or interactions with people around you. And someone is declared depressed, if the complaint occurs and persists for 2 weeks.

The condition you are experiencing can also be caused by stress. Where stress is also actually a natural bodily reaction arises when someone faces a threat, pressure, or a change. Stress is often triggered by problems in your family, work, social relationships, or financial problems. These stresses are difficult to avoid, but stress needs to be managed properly so as not to cause health problems for you.

Here are some ways that can help you reduce complaints or stress, for example:

Exercise regularly
Reducing consumption of caffeinated drinks
Avoiding alcohol consumption
Get enough sleep
Take a short break, for example by taking a vacation or spending time with your loved ones like family and friends
Doing activities such as yoga, meditation and so on that can please the mind
Doing activities that are pleasing to the heart

However, if you feel the complaint has not improved or has disrupted your daily activities, you can discuss it with your nearest psychiatrist or psychologist for further evaluation. To determine whether there is interference or not need more in-depth interviews by a doctor or psychologist and further examination. So the doctor or psychologist can determine and provide appropriate and appropriate treatment.

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