Causes Of Diarrhea In Babies?

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I want to ask, is it true that the parents used to say that children who had just learned to stand often had diarrhea? normal..?rnI gave l bio but the chapters are still runny.rnwhy is that a change from the diet from breast milk to solids

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Hello ira19........

Thank you for your question.

As information for you, diarrhea is a condition characterized by watery excreted feces, with more frequent bowel movements than usual.

Actually there is no relationship between diarrhea and learning to stand. Here are some things that can trigger diarrhea in children, namely:

Parasitic, bacterial, or viral infections, which are generally due to the child's dirty hands entering the mouth. Food poisoning. Too much fruit juice consumption. Allergy to certain drugs. Allergies to certain foods or drinks.

If until now diarrhea is still occurring, then we suggest immediately seeing a doctor or visiting the hospital, so that your child can undergo a series of further tests, so that finally appropriate treatment can be given according to the exact cause which will be known later.

Here are some tips to prevent diarrhea from happening again, namely: wash your child's hands regularly, especially after playing, keep the floor and objects your baby or toddler is holding clean, if your baby consumes expressed breast milk or formula milk --- ensure cleanliness and the sterility of the bottles used, pay attention to the cleanliness of the food or drink that is given to children.

This is the explanation that we can convey, hopefully this is useful.


Dr. Teak

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