Causes Of Difficulty Conceiving?

Illustration of Causes Of Difficulty Conceiving?
Illustration: Causes Of Difficulty Conceiving?

night, I was married from the age of 14 years old, weight 43 kg height 157, and until now I also do not have children, menstruation is not normal, often sick in the lower abdomen. can i get pregnant

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Hello esha,

Thank you for the question.

Not everyone is lucky to be blessed with a baby after marriage. As for the condition of you who have not had children after years of marriage the possible causes can be many, for example:

Irregular sexual relations
Unhealthy lifestyles, for example lazy sports, unhealthy eating patterns, consuming alcohol or any drugs, lack of rest
Experiencing heavy mental stress
Having certain diseases, such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, myoma, thyroid gland disorders, certain chronic diseases
Fertility disorders in your husband, for example due to varicoceles, epididymitis, hernias, diabetes, and many other diseases

Your menstrual patterns are abnormal and often appear pain in the lower abdomen can be a sign of some of the above diseases, which can also make you difficult to get pregnant. To ensure this, it seems you need to check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician so that a deep physical examination, accompanied by supporting tests, such as ultrasound, blood tests, hormone tests, and so on. Also invite your husband to take a check up, so that if there are problems with fertility, they can be detected and treated early too.

No one can be sure whether you can get pregnant or not, if not done a direct examination. However, to help you strive for pregnancy naturally, the following steps should you and your husband try:

Having sex regularly 2-3 days, especially in the fertile period
Get plenty of rest 6-8 hours a day
Don't worry too much, sad, or think too much
Increase relaxation, for example by taking vacations, exercising, hanging out with loved ones, doing hobbies
Do not get physical activity that is too tired
Take time to exercise every day (at least 30 minutes)
Always maintain your ideal body weight
Do not carelessly consume drugs or fertilizer supplements
Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol
Warm compresses on your stomach that often feel painful

Hope this helps ...

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