Causes Of Difficulty Opening The Mouth?

Illustration of Causes Of Difficulty Opening The Mouth?
Illustration: Causes Of Difficulty Opening The Mouth?

I want to ask, why can’t I open my mouth wide, there is something stuck in my jaw, but in a few minutes it’s normal as usual, sometimes when I wake up I can’t open my mouth anymore

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Jaw pain is a common complaint, and almost everyone has experienced it. The causes can vary, ranging from mild to severe. Some of the possible causes are

- Friction in the jaw joint
This type of jaw pain can be triggered by the habit of pressing the jaw when you are feeling anxious or stressed, inflammation of the jaw joints, jaw joint or muscle injury, or habit of moving the jaw while sleeping.

- Toothache to an abscess
toothache can spread to the jaw, causing jaw pain. Causes of pain in the teeth such as infections that cause tooth abscess.

- Sinus infection and inflammation
Sinus in the nose that has an infection, either by a virus or bacteria, can cause a buildup of fluid in the sinus cavity. This results in suppression of the jaw and triggers jaw pain.

- Inflammation of the bones
infection of the bone and tissue around the bone. This condition can also occur in the jaw joints

Some things that can be done to prevent worsening and cause more comfort are

Avoid the consumption of foods that are chewy or sticky like chewing gum.
Do not evaporate too wide because it will affect the jaw.
Use ice cubes or warm water to compress the affected part.
Choose soft foods. Cut food so that it becomes smaller.
Reduce consumption of caffeine, both tea and coffee.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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