Causes Of Difficulty Walking In Children Aged 2 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of Difficulty Walking In Children Aged 2 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of Difficulty Walking In Children Aged 2 Years?

I want to ask. when I am 2 years old now. The road is normal like other people. the way is still like that

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Hello YuNesta, thank you for asking.

Difficulty or disruption of walking can be caused by disruption of the structure of muscles, bones, joints, or nervous system. Significant disturbance will cause the child to have obvious walking difficulties. Does your child have an injury, is there a pain complaint? Some conditions that may cause interference with your child include:

Muscle injury. The possibility of injury when the child plays or the child falls, and other possibilities that cause injury to the muscles. Injury and inflammation of the joints. Disorders of the joints cause joints difficult to move so that the child will have difficulty walking because the joints do not bend perfectly. Bone injury. If the child is experiencing severe trauma, the bone can be injured, causing pain when walking. To reduce pain, the child will walk by dragging his feet. Disorders of the nervous system. Disorders can be inflammation or not inflammation. Lack of ions is a form of nerve disorders rather than inflammation. Nerve problems that will result in children having difficulty moving their muscles. You should immediately consult a doctor to be able to do a direct examination. Your doctor may check blood in the laboratory to look for possible infections. The doctor will also do several tests to see whether the abnormality is in the nervous system or not. Radiological examinations such as X-rays may be needed to rule out bone injuries. You should pay attention to your child's symptoms as much as possible whether there is worsening or not. Watch for pain, or swelling. Watch for any decrease in muscle function in other parts of the body. Please do not give any medicine without doctor's advice. Be careful not to massage the part that is suspected of injury because it can aggravate the injury.

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