Causes Of Diphtheria?

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what is the use of the vaccine and the cause of diphtheria

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Diphtheria is a disease that causes infection of the lining of the nose and throat caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae and can be transmitted very easily through saliva splashes, especially in people who do not get the diphtheria vaccine. The bacteria will produce toxins that will kill healthy cells, healthy cells that die will look like a thin gray membrane in the throat. The toxins produced can also attack various other organs in the body which can result in death. Some of the symptoms that can be caused include:

A thin, gray layer that covers the throat or tonsils
Hard to breathe
The neck looks enlarged due to enlarged lymph nodes
Sore throat
Have a cold

Adults requiring diphtheria vaccination (Tdap or Td) are as follows:

People who travel to various areas that include the spread of diphtheria
People who have never received the Tdap . vaccination
People who forget whether they have been vaccinated or not
Health workers who have direct contact with patients
People who care for infants under 1 year of age, including parents, grandparents, and babysitters
People who live in the same house, neighbors, have/will visit diphtheria sufferers
Mothers-to-be who have never been vaccinated
Pregnant women (Tdap booster is recommended for every pregnancy)

Don't hesitate to consult a doctor if Regina is still unsure about the diphtheria vaccine to get more complete information and an examination of your health condition can be carried out.

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