Causes Of Dizziness And Neck Pain?

Illustration of Causes Of Dizziness And Neck Pain?
Illustration: Causes Of Dizziness And Neck Pain?

, I want to ask, yesterday morning I had a fever yesterday and it felt like I wanted the flu, but only my nose was not runny, then, Tuesday I had a headache and still had a fever, then I gave paracetamol and the fever went down, Wednesday I had a fever. down but still feeling a bit dizzy and my neck aches like a pillow, but I don’t really remember if I was in the wrong position to sleep, my neck was rubbed counterpain and patchy, but when I woke up this morning it was still quite painful and my upper back was also a bit painful What do you think I’m sick of? Can this be caused by fatigue? thank you

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Thank you for your question.

Headache is a type of symptom that is often complained of by people who experience some disorders in the body. The complaint you are complaining about cannot refer to a specific diagnosis. But I will try to explain some of the types of causes of headaches, including:

 migraine, is a type of headache that attacks the head only partially. This is usually triggered by several factors including food such as: chocolate, milk, cheese, and MSG verigo, is a type of headache that is marked by rotating its sekir items. Vertigo is caused due to damage to the nerve balance in the ear. So the balance is lacking. Clusters are a type of headache that attacks parts of the eye accompanied by runny nose and watery eyes. The cause of cluster headache has not been identified yet, but it is usually caused by lack of tension type of oxygen, headache which is marked by pain in the neck, neck to the head. This headache often appears when a person experiences stress, tiredness, viral or bacterial infections. It is said that you have a fever, which is a type of fever which is a condition of the body being infected or dehydrated. If you are not sick then the fever is caused by lack of fluids in the body, then you can increase your consumption of water. But if it is reported by an infection, such as fever does not go down continuously, or fever more often at night, then immediately check with your doctor. In order to be able to do more interview examinations and physical examinations.

Nasal congestion can refer to one of the symptoms of allergies, or a disorder of the nose called vasomotor rhinitis. This is a disease that is caused by allergies. Allergies themselves will recur if the body's immune system decreases, and cause immunity more sensitive to something that is allergen, for example: dust, temperature, or odor.

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