Causes Of Dizziness To Pain In The Back Of The Neck?

Illustration of Causes Of Dizziness To Pain In The Back Of The Neck?
Illustration: Causes Of Dizziness To Pain In The Back Of The Neck? Bing

I am often very dizzy…rnThe dizziness is in the back of the neck. Until 5 minutes after dribbling I immediately felt dizzy..

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Hi Hakam,

Complaints of dizziness can be interpreted as a condition of feeling unsteady, sluggish or feeling like spinning and even feeling faint. Vertigo can occur in conditions such as spinning headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting, hypotension or low blood pressure, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, anemia or low Hb red blood cells.

Back neck pain such as throbbing or tension can be caused by several conditions such as: Basilar migraine, which is a condition of one-sided headache or dizziness accompanied by visual disturbances. Tension headaches are tension-type headaches, such as tightness in the muscles of the head, face, neck and jaw. Occipital neuralgia is triggered by irritation of the nerves from the spine, such as being pinched, so that the pain radiates to the back of the head.

Have your condition checked by a neurologist. Examinations that may be carried out are X-rays of the nerves of the neck to MRI of the head or neck bones if needed. Treatment will be given according to the type of headache experienced, can be in the form of special nerve pain drugs, antinyeri NSAIDs, anticonvulsants or antihistamines.

Be aware that if you have dizziness accompanied by vomiting or dark blurry vision, as well as headaches that are felt to be getting worse, headaches accompanied by weakness in the legs or arms and accompanied by seizures, you must seek medical attention immediately.

What can be done at home such as taking paracetamol (pay attention to the rules of use) as a first step in handling, eating nutritious and regular food, avoiding ponytail or wearing a heavy helmet because it adds weight to the neck bone, pigtails by dividing in half, not too high. Drink at least 1.5 liters a day to prevent dehydration. Avoid stress fatigue or thoughts. Enough rest.

Click the article: Causes of dizziness. There are several causes of back pain.

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