Causes Of Ear Bleeding After Cleaning?

Illustration of Causes Of Ear Bleeding After Cleaning?
Illustration: Causes Of Ear Bleeding After Cleaning?

Good evening, I want to ask. This afternoon I visited the ENT doctor to examine my ailing ear. Then the doctor said there were pus and clot. Then my ears were both cleaned using a long device like a straw. It certainly hurts, but the most painful is the left side (which is the ear that I complained to the doctor because it hurts so fast) and then was given so red medicine into my ears. After that, the doctor wrote a prescription and by chance I had to make up for the medicine at the pharmacy recommended far enough from the doctor. On the way I felt that there was fluid coming out of my ears. But I don’t know if it’s blood or white liquid. Then I go home, eat, then take medicine, followed by drops of ear drops in the left ear only. Because the pharmacist said drops in the ear only hurts. Then the drops seemed to come out again accompanied by smell then I just wiped them. Over time it seems like there is more fluid coming out. Then I use a tissue to wipe the liquid outside my ear. It turns out the liquid is yellow to red and I am still concerned. Then I slept towards the right, automatically left ear position above and the liquid does not come out. When I awoke to reverse my position, I felt that there was more fluid coming out. When I use the tissue again to wipe, it turns out blood. This happens in the left ear only, the right is nothing. I guess that’s why? Is it because of when cleaning the tool too deep? Or because of medicine? Or indeed it is a common thing that usually happens after cleaning? Thank you 😄

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Hello Windi SW,

There are many causes of bleeding ears include:

Trauma to the ear canal skin (can be due to self-scraping or post-medical treatment), may arise if there is cerumen prop (hard and clogged earwax) so that when removing it due to sticky and hard it can hurt the ear canal skin. The bleeding will stop and dry itself after 1-2 days provided that there is no trauma again
Ear infection
Trauma / head injury

Eardrum tearing due to pressure (diving, sudden changes in pressure while flying) or due to other causes
Foreign body in the ear canal
Ear cancer

New trauma or injury to the eardrum generally results in hearing loss or a ringing in the ears can occur. The condition of the eardrum trauma can be seen if the ear canal is in a clean condition (there is not much fluid and no clogging dirt). Use ear drops that have been given by the doctor in accordance with the dose and duration of administration that has been determined.

No need to scrape the affected part of the ear and it is right to just wipe the liquid that comes out of the ear. Take control to the doctor according to the specified schedule to get a repeat examination or need additional ear cleaning procedures. Improved ear condition should be characterized by reduced pain, reduced fluid coming out of the ear, improved hearing function, no fever. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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