Causes Of Ear Bleeding?

Illustration of Causes Of Ear Bleeding?
Illustration: Causes Of Ear Bleeding?

Good morning doctor

My child is 9 years old, female.

Last holiday my son swam a lot. Last swim 7 days ago. His ears often enter pool water.

Monday, June 10, 2019 in the morning his right ear was bleeding, I immediately took it to the ENT. The diagnosis is OMA D STD 3. The blood is from the eardrum.

The ear is gauze with betadin and then given antibiotics (Sanprima), drops (iliadin) and puyer (rhinofed, destavell, kalnethascne, novalgin, glocose).

This morning (June 12, 2019), his ears were oozing with blood. There is a blood spot surrounded by water. My guess is that liquid drops (iliadine) are incubated through the right nose. My child does not feel any pain / no complaints.

Is it necessary to return to the ENT immediately? Or can it be postponed on Friday according to the control request from the doctor?

Thank you for your attention.



1 Answer:

Hello Daniel, thank you for asking.

The entry of water into the ear can certainly cause infection. That is because in water there are a lot of microorganisms. Indeed, when swimming, the ears and nose are covered with a special tool, to minimize the risk of water getting in. Actually, water that enters the ear can evaporate due to ambient temperature and body temperature. However, if the water intake occurs repeatedly, the possibility of water accumulating in the ear, raises the risk of infection.

Acute otitis media (OMA) is an infection of the middle ear. In addition to causing pain, this infection can be accompanied by fever, headache, and hearing loss. Infection can cause pus in the middle ear cavity. Pus will block the movement of the hearing bone, so that hearing is interrupted. If not treated quickly, pus will find a way out, as a result the eardrum can be torn and pus out through the tear. This is what causes discharge from the ear, can be clear fluid, pus, or fluid mixed with blood.

Fluid discharge can last several weeks. So, as long as your child does not experience worsening symptoms, you should still follow the doctor's advice regarding the control schedule and how to treat. If the fluid that comes out and then multiply accompanied by blood and pus, you should immediately return to the ENT doctor who handled, before the time of control.

Thus my explanation, hopefully useful. Regards.

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