Causes Of Ear Pain In Children?

I want to ask … my son’s ear is skittish. the flashlight doesn’t have any black bumps … that’s how much my ankle looks like, why?

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Hello Kaem.

Pain in a child's ear can be caused due to various causes. From the circumstances that your child is experiencing, pain in the ear accompanied by a black lump in the ear may be caused by a foreign object in the ear.

Foreign objects in the ear can occur in both children and adults. Foreign objects can be toys, or insects. Foreign objects in the ear, especially insects, can cause pain in the ear, hearing loss, and feel like something is moving inside the ear. Foreign objects should be removed immediately, and should be done by a doctor. Foreign objects in the ears that are allowed to sit for too long can cause ear infections.

But other than that, your child's condition can also be caused by other causes such as:

cerumen prop / hardened earwax
polyps on the ears
furuncle in the outer ear
certain tumors

therefore, to ascertain the cause of your child's condition, you should check your child directly to the ENT specialist doctor, so that the doctor can examine the condition of your child directly and provide appropriate therapy. Do not pry or insert objects into the ears of children.

The following article you can read about foreign objects in the ear

may be useful. thank you

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