Causes Of Emotions Go Up And Down?

Illustration of Causes Of Emotions Go Up And Down?
Illustration: Causes Of Emotions Go Up And Down?

So like this, in the past few years I often inhaled vape mosquitoes spray just because I like it / happy, then I also often hit the wall until my hands are inert. I often get angry uncontrollably, my emotions go up and down. That’s why? Are there any psychological disorders?

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Some possible causes are:

Bipolar mood disorder
Personality Disorders
Schizoaffective disorder
Drug side effects

Before the doctor needs additional information about your complaint, how long have you felt the complaint? What is your age and gender? Are there hallucinations or suicidal thoughts?

Changes in emotions that fluctuate or sudden emotional changes are a common problem and are a normal condition. However, if this condition persists or if it interferes with your personal life and productivity, loses interest in activities, there are hallucinations, or the appearance of the idea of ​​self-harm or suicide you should immediately consult a psychiatrist. Your doctor may seek counseling or psychotherapy, try find out the cause of your complaint and will also provide medicines to help you control your mood.

It's best to avoid the habit of inhaling insecticides (mosquito spray drugs) because they contain chemicals that can be harmful to the body and cause insecticide poisoning. If there are symptoms or signs of poisoning the following insecticides should immediately go to the nearest health facility, including salivation and tears, dizziness, headaches, weakness, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, heart rhythm disorders, decreased consciousness to death.

Some things you can do include:

Try to tell others how you feel
Stop negative thoughts and try to think positive and grateful
Doing yoga or meditation
Do activities or hobbies that you like
Regular exercise can help you get better mood
Eat healthy foods and balanced nutrition
Avoid a good night's sleep and have a good sleep pattern
Reduce alcohol or cigarette consumption

You are also advised to read the following interesting article: How to Control Your Emotions so as Not to Harm Yourself and Mood Swing Is Not Always Normal, Know the Signs

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