Causes Of Erections Without Stimulation?

Illustration of Causes Of Erections Without Stimulation?
Illustration: Causes Of Erections Without Stimulation?

My doctor was 16 years old, at midnight I was having an erection and was so sick that I could not sleep, even though there was no stimulation. The next day I often experienced an erection until reddish and very hard, lasted for several hours and sometimes for several minutes , it’s been 5 days I experienced it, please what should I do

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Hello Agamii,

Erection is a condition of hardening of the penis due to stimulation. However sometimes the penis can also get an erection without stimulation, this condition can be normal or not.

Erections without stimulation can be normal in conditions during the morning or during sleep (wet dreams). Meanwhile, if an erection occurs without stimulation for more than 4 hours and is accompanied by pain, it is necessary to watch out for the condition of priapism.

Priapism occurs due to a disruption in blood flow to the penis. Priapism is an emergency and must be treated immediately to prevent complications in the form of erectile dysfunction and infection of the tissue in the penis.

Examination to confirm priapism is by history, physical examination, and supporting examinations if necessary with blood tests, toxicology tests, and ultrasound. Handling priapism can be with drugs, blood that accumulates in the penis, and surgery.

For a while you can try the following tips:

Urinate before going to bed
Do not hold back urination
Drink plenty of water
Soak in warm water
Light exercise
Do relaxation

If you experience a painful erection back, you should immediately go to the emergency room or consult with a urologist directly so that you can be sure of your condition so that you can be given more appropriate treatment.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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