Causes Of Excessive Anxiety In Diabetics?

Illustration of Causes Of Excessive Anxiety In Diabetics?
Illustration: Causes Of Excessive Anxiety In Diabetics?

Good afternoon, I want to ask … I am a person with diabetes, I feel anxious / afraid, restless and uneasy when in a public place / many people, so sometimes excessive cold sweat appears. But sometimes the taste also goes away on its own. Could it be the psychological impact of my diabetes illness? how to / suggestions to solve it? Thank you…

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Diabetes is a condition where there is an increase in blood sugar levels. Diabetes can consist of type 1 diabetes (damage to pancreatic beta cells) or type 2 diabetes (insulin resistance). Type 2 diabetes is more common. Diabetes is influenced by factors such as lifestyle, diet, and family history.

Diabetes can cause a variety of symptoms such as frequent thirst, frequent hunger, frequent urination at night, weight loss, weakness. Diabetes mellitus does not cause anxiety / anxiety.

From the circumstances that you experience, feeling anxious when in public is not due to diabetes that you have. This may be due to a social anxiety disorder. Excess anxiety disorder / social anxiety disorder is a condition in which you feel anxious about everyday social conditions. Social anxiety disorder usually occurs when other people notice, or if you feel humiliated. People with social anxiety disorder can cause physical and mental symptoms such as:

difficulty concentrating
Pounding pounding
Avoiding interactions with other people
Restless when other people notice

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

excessive stress
certain personality types

Therefore, if the situation you are experiencing is very disturbing, you should check with a psychiatrist first, so that the doctor can check your condition directly.

It is recommended that you relax, try to avoid excessive thoughts when in public. You can try to slowly interact socially. It is important not to smoke, and to avoid illegal drugs. Regular exercise can also help.

Here's an article you can read about social anxiety disorder

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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