Causes Of Excessive Salivation In Pregnant Women

Illustration of Causes Of Excessive Salivation In Pregnant Women
Illustration: Causes Of Excessive Salivation In Pregnant Women

In the afternoon, I want to brtnya, I am pregnant and my pregnancy is 4 months old, I stepped on suddenly, and I was sick, nausea, dizzy, not eyes to dark, the more severe my saliva became excessive, Aer my saliva feel like blood is like a rusty iron, basically my Aer Salyur’s taste is weird, and the color of Aer Salyur by yellow, so that makes me uncomfortable, really, please response ny y. thanks

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Hi Nadin, thanks in advance for asking the team.

Complaints that you feel generally occur in early pregnancy or first trimester, due to changes in hormone levels that will affect various body organ systems. In the first trimester of pregnancy you will usually feel complaints such as nausea, mild cramps in the abdomen, vaginal discharge during pregnancy, mood swings, constipation, increased urination frequency, breast enlargement or swelling, cravings, and also easily feel tired.

Excessive salivation in pregnant women is also a natural thing to happen, especially in the first trimester. This is related to rasamual during pregnancy. Nausea makes pregnant women less likely to swallow, so saliva builds up in the mouth. In addition, excessive salivation during pregnancy can also be caused by hormonal changes, stomach acid reflux, and infection or inflammation of the teeth, gums and mouth. This complaint will usually decrease by itself at the end of the first trimester. Some of these things you can do to resolve your complaint:

- Maintain healthy teeth and mouth by brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day. In order to avoid infection and inflammation of the teeth and gums that will cause odor or discomfort.

- Dispose of saliva regularly

- Chew perman gum which contains a little sugar

- Consumption of nutritious foods and consumption of enough water

If your complaints don't get better, then you can do a checkup directly with the doctor. But due to the outbreak of covid 19 or corona virus at this time, it is better to do the above tips first, try to limit activities outside the home except for important purposes, keep a distance from others at least 2 meters, routinely wash hands with soap.

You can read this article to better understand nutrition in pregnant women: PREGNANT MOTHER NUTRITION

Thank you, hope that helps.

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