Causes Of Feeling Tired And Sleepy In People With Endometriosis?

Illustration of Causes Of Feeling Tired And Sleepy In People With Endometriosis?
Illustration: Causes Of Feeling Tired And Sleepy In People With Endometriosis?

Previously, last year I myself was diagnosed with endometriosis, every month I felt excruciating pain that I could not move since I was 15 years old until now I’m 20, before I often went to different doctors but they said that it was natural to me. I don’t believe it because it hasn’t changed for years and the pain is getting worse. r nI have had hormone therapy twice but in my opinion, there are many oddities in my body, one of which is every day I feel very tired. When I wake up in the morning my body feels not refreshed, sore and I feel tired like I have been exercising for a long time, when I work the most effective time is in the morning, but it’s been months every morning I feel very tired and sleepy, lost concentration, body I feel achy and sore, at night I often have trouble sleeping and on holidays even though I have slept for a long time, when I wake up, I still feel very tired. I have stopped the hormone therapy because I thought that’s the cause, but it turns out it’s the same, please help .. thanks

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The complaints you feel can be related to the endometriosis you are experiencing, but it may not be. Causes related to endometriosis, namely:

1. As a result of often experiencing moderate to severe pain (depending on the severity of the endometriosis condition), it causes your body to feel weak because your energy and mind are aimed at dealing with abdominal pain caused by endometriosis, especially if the pain occurs with a severe degree, of course this is will interfere with your quality of life.

2. As a result of menstrual bleeding that is more than normal or a menstrual period that is long than normal, it causes your body to lose a lot of blood which results in anemia. This needs to be proven by laboratory tests.

I suggest you:

1. Do not stop yourself from hormonal treatment for endometriosis, because it could be that your complaint is caused by endometriosis.

2. Consult with your obstetrician about this, because if your complaint interferes with activities, aggressive treatment (through surgery) may be necessary for your endometriosis.

3. Do not do stomach massage because it tends to aggravate the condition.

4. You can take food supplements that contain folic acid and iron which are sold freely.

So, hopefully it's useful.

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