Causes Of Fine Spots On The Head Of The Penis?

Illustration of Causes Of Fine Spots On The Head Of The Penis?
Illustration: Causes Of Fine Spots On The Head Of The Penis?

Good afternoon! R nI want to ask you. R nOn the scalp of my penis, precisely between the curves of the skin and the head of the penis there are small fine spots, why is that? What is it dangerous and how do you recommend that the freckles do not come back? R nThank you

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Hi Aloparep,

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Not all fine spots on the head of the penis are dangerous. Often, these spots appear due to PPP (pearly penile papules). This condition, according to the American Urological Association, arises due to normal variations in penis development since the womb is harmless and does not have the potential to become malignant. PPP will usually appear as a smooth-surface lump, 1-4 mm in diameter, and coiled in a pearl necklace around the head of the penis.

It could also be the fine spots around the head of the penis that you experience grow due to other causes, for example:

Fordyce spots (yellowish white spots that often appear around the lips or genitals due to anatomical variations that spread more frequently than PPH, this condition often enlarges at puberty) Infections, for example: Tinea cruris Cutaneous Candidiasis Genital warts Molluscum contagiosum Scabies Sebaceous hyperplasia Angifibroma Hypertrophic scars Dermatitis contact Neurodermatitis, etc. Whether or not your condition is dangerous depends on what the underlying cause is. To be sure, there is nothing wrong with you having it checked directly to a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitalia. To identify the cause of these spots, the doctor can perform several tests, such as an allergy test, a biopsy, and so on. Before going to the doctor, you should not peel or force the spots that appear. Also avoid giving careless treatment to spots without the doctor's permission. Always keep your penis clean, including by regularly showering, cleaning the penis after urinating and having sex, and not using dirty clothes and pants.

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