Causes Of Frequent Bleeding After Sex?

Illustration of Causes Of Frequent Bleeding After Sex?
Illustration: Causes Of Frequent Bleeding After Sex? Bing

Why do I always have my period after intercourse? Previously I had given birth to one child, then I was given an injection for 3 months. But because it didn’t suit me, I stopped any family planning, aka there are no plans for family planning anymore. But now I feel something strange because after every intercourse the next day I immediately menstruate. What action should I take to check the health condition of my uterus? I am 22 years old.

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Menstruation is regulated by hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, FSH, LH, and GnRH. These hormones are secreted in a fluctuating manner in the body influenced by many factors, ranging from activities, psychological conditions, diet, exercise, drug consumption, or other illnesses suffered.

If you have sexual intercourse near the time of your menstruation, then menstruation after sexual intercourse is certainly not an abnormality. It could also be that bleeding after sexual intercourse occurs due to a lack of vaginal lubricant production, for example if you don't do enough foreplay, are not passionate about sex, use certain birth control, side effects of drugs, or also when you have sex when you're stressed or tired.

What you need to watch out for is if you always experience bleeding from the birth canal after sexual intercourse, even though sexual intercourse is outside your menstrual schedule.

Some of the factors that may underlie this are:

Vaginal atrophy, may be related to a lack of the hormone estrogen, eg when breastfeeding Vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) Infections, including sexually transmitted infections, eg genital herpes or syphilis Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix) Uterine polyps (benign tumors originating from the uterine mucosa) Myomas (tumors) benign originating from the uterine muscle) Cervical cancer (malignant tumor of the cervix) Blood clotting disorders, for example due to blood cancer, spinal cord disorders, and so on. To check it, you can consult directly with an obstetrician. Chances are, the doctor will suggest that you undergo laboratory tests, VIA tests, pap smears, or ultrasounds so that the originator of your complaints can be identified. Treatment will be tailored to the cause of your complaint.

In the meantime, try to discuss with your partner the complaints you are experiencing. Ask him to help overcome your complaints, for example by doing enough foreplay during sexual intercourse to stimulate the production of vaginal lubricant. Avoid using additional sexual lubricants unless advised by a doctor, to minimize the risk of irritation. Always keep your genitals clean and stay away from casual sex. Stay away from stress, and also avoid taking drugs carelessly.

Vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse

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