Causes Of GAD In Children?

Illustration of Causes Of GAD In Children?
Illustration: Causes Of GAD In Children?

In the afternoon, I want to ask, what exactly is the cause of GAD? Can an elementary child suddenly get GAD?

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GAD or Generelized Anxiety Disorder is an anxiety disorder. Other anxiety disorders include panic attacks and social anxiety. In GAD or generalized anxiety is characterized by excessive anxiety and fear for no apparent reason for a long time. People with generalized anxiety disorder often worry about and anticipate disasters, and can't stop worrying about their health, finances, family, work, or school problems. In addition, a person with generalized anxiety disorder often worries about something that is unknown or unrealistic. And this complaint will affect the way the sufferer thinks so that work, school or other activities are also disrupted.

In addition to excessive anxiety for no apparent reason, usually people with GAD cannot focus, and find it difficult to concentrate, cannot think relaxed and often experience depression due to fear. Because excessive sharpness and anxiety can also disrupt sleep. Physical complaints that can arise in people with GAD are:

Always restless, restless, unable to calm down
Often back and forth to the bathroom
Hard to sleep
Tense muscles

The cause of GAD itself is not known with certainty, but several factors play a role in the onset of GAD, namely:

Genetic factors: several studies suggest that people who have a previous family history of GAD have a high risk of developing GAD as well, s.
Stress factors from the environment: usually in the form of past trauma, an environment that is too tense and stressful, abuse, divorce, loss of a loved one, changes in the work environment, changes in the school environment. And during times of stress, people with GAD may develop more severe symptoms.
Brain Chemistry: GAD is believed to be linked to the function of nerve cells that are disrupted in areas of the brain that regulate thinking and emotions. These nerve cells are connected to each other because of the presence of chemicals called neurotransmitters that connect information from one nerve cell to another. And if the process of transferring this information is interrupted, problems such as mood disorders and anxiety disorders can arise.

GAD is an anxiety disorder that often occurs, especially in women. GAD cases are more common in women. And GAD can appear gradually, usually starting from childhood, then into adolescence. However, it can also appear when someone is an adult. Therefore, it is possible for someone with school age to experience GAD.

Everyone may have experienced certain feelings of anxiety or fear. However, excessive anxiety without any clear reason that is difficult to control and interferes with daily life can cause anxiety disorders. However, to confirm the diagnosis of GAD, it is necessary to do a direct examination by a doctor. If someone is experiencing excessive anxiety disorder, you should consult a psychiatrist or nearest psychologist. Furthermore, the doctor will conduct a direct interview regarding medical and psychological conditions as well as a physical examination, as well as other additional examinations if needed.

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