Causes Of Genital Warts In Men?

Illustration of Causes Of Genital Warts In Men?
Illustration: Causes Of Genital Warts In Men?

afternoon, I want to ask, I have married a woman whose status is widowed, after 1 year of marriage. I just realized that there were small lumps and itchy lumps and I had seen around my wife’s rectum there was a lump of lump like that. I want to ask the moisturizer the emergence of genital warts, whether from my partner or or other causes? and I happen to have had herpes, can this be the cause? thank you in advance

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Hi Tara,

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease due to infection with the HPV virus (Human Papilloma Virus). Transmission of genital warts occurs through sexual activity, both oral, vaginal or anal. This condition can also be transmitted through touch if the sufferer touches the groom and touches their partner.

Although your complaint can be caused by genital warts, the condition is not necessarily caused by genital warts and can be caused by other conditions such as pearly penile papules, skin irritation or skin-tags.

The above conditions are not related to genital herpes infections that you have experienced before, but can occur simultaneously because herpes and genital warts are equally transmitted through sexual activity. If you have doubts about the condition that you are experiencing, then you should check with your doctor directly to ascertain the cause of your complaint and get the appropriate treatment. If the complaint is caused by genital warts, the doctor may prescribe topical medications such as podophyllin or tricloroacetate or surgical procedures to overcome them.

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dr. Budiono

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