Causes Of Hair Loss Accompanied By Headaches?

Illustration of Causes Of Hair Loss Accompanied By Headaches?
Illustration: Causes Of Hair Loss Accompanied By Headaches?

I want to ask why my whip Rinton is pretty much more than 200 strands may be per day, headaches often come sometimes pain in the head there is like a lump if we touch it but if I see it there is no ordinary z gc and bumps, the body often feels bone pain all , eyes as sesekli tersa like farsighted kurg jlas, on the eyebrows are often left sick. Why don’t you think about this?

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Hello Nur Azizah, Thank you for the question.

How long has this complaint occurred? Have you consulted with further doctors? Normally human hair can fall up to 100 strands every day. However, if the number of hair loss reaches more than 100 strands, then this complaint might be based on certain conditions. The following are some of the causes of hair loss:

poor nutrition intake
hormonal changes
high stress level or depression
lichen planus

On the other hand, complaints of headaches, joint pain, and interference with vision can be caused by:

thyroid hormone disorders

Further examination by a doctor is needed to find out the cause of your complaint. If you don't see a doctor, there's no way the doctor will know the cause of your complaint. Therefore, please consult immediately with your specialist in further internal medicine. The doctor will ask about your complaints, examine you, and perform other tests such as blood tests. Further treatment will be given by a doctor in accordance with your medical condition, the following recommendations can also help you:

consume foods that are nutritionally balanced
meet the needs of body fluids by consuming 2-3 liters of water per heart
get enough rest
exercise regularly
manage stress well
avoid the use of chemicals in the hair that can damage the hair
consumption of paracetamol or other pain relievers to treat headaches
Hopefully this information is useful.

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