Causes Of Hand Trembling After An Accident?

Illustration of Causes Of Hand Trembling After An Accident?
Illustration: Causes Of Hand Trembling After An Accident?

Good afternoon doctrine. I am 26 years old. I want to ask, my right hand cannot press the item that I am holding. As my pen is very difficult because the right hand is always trembling while writing u0026amp; the face becomes tense. and I feel the right hand and left hand feel different abnormally. the normal left right feels weak and cannot hold. Isn’t the right hand stronger, so I always hold things or press an item using my left hand. I have been injured, my head was hit and my right hand was injured, is that the cause ?? Thank you ..

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Hello Vie Devie, thank you for asking at

Conditions that cause complaints in the form of shaking hands pretty much like:

Essential tremor (trembling of the dominant hand without apparent cause)
Parkinson's disease
Excess thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism)
Multiple sclerosis
Damage to the peripheral nervous system
Damage to brain tissue that is useful for hand movements
Side effects of certain drugs
Lack of blood sugar

Due to the many causes, it is very necessary to examine directly the other complaints that accompany and also your current physical condition to help narrow down the possibilities. The doctor may suggest you do some other tests to help determine the main cause of your complaint. After being confirmed, then the next most appropriate therapy can be determined, even if necessary, the doctor will consult you with certain specialists to ensure you get the optimal therapy.

An injury that you have experienced in the past if it does cause damage to the nerves of your hand, it can indeed cause this condition, but it needs to be ascertained in advance whether it is because of this or because of other conditions as noted above, therefore a direct assessment is needed with a doctor.

For now, you can still try to use your right hand even though it's hard to keep exercising your hand.

I hope this helps.

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