Causes Of Hands Feeling Numb And Painful?

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.. I am a 25 year old woman after giving birth to a caesarean section 2 months ago. 1 month later my hands still feel numb and a little painful. After these 2 months my wrist hurts more and more when I move it plus because I am carrying my child whose weight continues to increase. The sore area is the protruding bone in the wrist. Why do you think? Is there anything injured?

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The feeling of numbness in the hands or fingers varies, from a tingling sensation, to being pricked by a needle, to numbness. Usually, if the complaint is only temporary, it does not indicate something dangerous and does not require special therapy. However, if it persists, of course it must be handled optimally.

Some causes of numbness in the hands or fingers:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, due to pinched nerves in the hand

· Hands too often lift heavy loads, for example because of holding a baby too long.

· Inflammation or pinched nerves in the neck area, the effects can reach the hands. This condition is called cervical radiculopathy.

Diabetic disease

· Raynaud's disease, there is a disturbance in the arteries in the hand

· Rheumatoid arthritis, also known as rheumatic disease

· Side effects of alcohol consumption

Ganglion cyst

· Vasculitis or inflammation of blood vessels

· Lack of vitamin B12

Indeed, there is a possibility that complaints of pain and numbness in your hands are related to an infusion that has been installed before. The possibility of infection in the former infusion area can cause similar complaints. However, to determine the cause, a direct examination by a doctor is needed. If additional examinations are needed, such as an MRI, the doctor will do it to identify the cause. The best treatment will later be adjusted to the causes found.

Some tips for dealing with numb hands or fingers:

· Consume enough vegetables and fruit

Take multivitamins, especially those containing B12

· Rest your numb hand for a while

· Cold compresses on the numb area

· Do hand and finger stretches

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