Causes Of Hard Lumps On Knees?

Illustration of Causes Of Hard Lumps On Knees?
Illustration: Causes Of Hard Lumps On Knees? Bing

I want to ask again how best to deal with a lump in the knee if it turns out to be a tumor? Should surgery be done? Well, when I fell, another lump appeared just below my first bump, but it was wider. The texture is like meat, but it’s like it’s full of water when you hold it, it’s a bit hard. How is it? And I happen to have no history of knee injuries. And previously I was consul to the 2nd general practitioner and the midwife but the answers were different, everything the doctor said was a gland, the other doctor said it was related to nerves and the midwife said it was a tumor. Are you confused, how are you? Thank you..

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Hi Fitria,

All abnormal lumps are called tumors. But a tumor isn't always a malignancy to worry about. Lump on the knee itself can be caused by several causes such as:

Inflammation of the joints
Joint fluid buildup

Cysts or the formation of fluid-filled sacs
Trauma due to impact

Lipoma or abnormal fat growth
Abscess or accumulation of pus under the skin
bone tumor

For this reason, it is necessary to carry out further investigations to confirm this. You can check with the surgeon for an examination and plan treatment. The doctor will perform a physical examination and supporting examinations such as blood labs, x-rays, ultrasound or scanning with a CT scan or MRI to find out the cause. It will also be determined whether further treatment is needed, such as removal of the lump.

Temporarily do cold compresses to reduce pain and reduce swelling, rest the painful knee and place it higher than the body, use pain relievers such as paracetamol if needed.

May be useful,

dr. Adi P.

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