Causes Of Headache, Back And Stomach Pain Before Menstruation?

Illustration of Causes Of Headache, Back And Stomach Pain Before Menstruation?
Illustration: Causes Of Headache, Back And Stomach Pain Before Menstruation?

, I want to ask. I often experience headaches, back pain and lower abdominal pain simultaneously, and that happens before menstruation and sometimes a few days after menstruation occurs. Sometimes I have a headache, sometimes I have a fever. stomach nausea at night and morning. Is this related to my hormonal or stomach problems ,? sometimes the symptoms are like people are pregnant. but my menstrual cycle is regular even though sometimes it’s only 3 days. The head hurts the most before menstruation. please explain … thank you

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Head, back and abdominal pain that appears mainly around the menstrual schedule, accompanied by fever and nausea, most likely indeed occur due to hormonal fluctuations that are affected by menstruation, or also called pre menstrual syndrome (PMS). This condition, can appear with a mild intensity, but can also feel very disturbing to limit even your light activities. According to many sources, complaints from this can be severe especially if you rarely exercise, experience severe physical or mental stress, or also suffer from certain diseases, such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, myoma, uterine polyps, pelvic inflammation, ectopic pregnancy, and so on.

Your condition, if it feels very disturbing, should be checked directly to a doctor or obstetrician. Further examinations, such as ultrasound, HSG, etc. can also be done by a doctor so that your complaint is clearly identified as the cause. This function is also important to eliminate the possibility of interference with other organ systems that can trigger similar complaints, such as food poisoning, obstructive ileus, fibromyalgia, viral or bacterial infections, psychosomatic disorders, and so on. If it turns out your complaint is known not to be related to reproductive organ disorders, your doctor may also refer you to another appropriate specialist.

In the meantime, you can do it first:

Apply warm compresses in areas of the body that are painful Increase plenty of rest Eat regularly, in small but frequent portions Reduce foods that are too acidic, spicy, oily, bersantan, and contain a lot of gas for nausea to improve Take paracetamol to help reduce pain Don't overly mind Exercise regularly every 1-2 days Drink more warm water Hopefully it helps yes ..

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