Causes Of Headaches And Fainting?

Illustration of Causes Of Headaches And Fainting?
Illustration: Causes Of Headaches And Fainting?

Hello doctor sorry I want to tell a little story, I was shopping for necessities, then I waited quite a while until I was dizzy seeing the crowd, not long ago I tried to make my legs move a little because my legs really felt achy, and long enough, well, approximately 25 min and I am still waiting for 1 person to stay in front of my transaction and not long ago I feel pain in my back pain because I stand up for too long, I try to relax from my legs then I massage my waist. Not long when my turn tba2 immediately dark fireflies immediately fainted. I am still thinking maybe because of my recurrence, or indeed I am tired or gimna. So here I want to ask, if we have gastric disease maybe the symptoms of low back pain will continue to the breathing area and breathing suddenly faint?

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Hello Friscamelda,

A sudden fainting or loss of consciousness can be preceded by a number of other symptoms such as feeling fatigue, dizzy eyes, cold sweat, nausea, yawning, feeling giddy, blurry vision, and ringing in the ears. Fainting is often associated with reduced blood flow to the brain.

Fainting can be caused by many factors, including low blood sugar, too low blood pressure, sudden change of position, anemia, fatigue, standing for too long, severe pain, excessive sweating, dehydration, too hot weather, heart problems, and neurological disorders.

Do you often faint? If only once, you can try a few tips to prevent fainting again as follows:

Get enough rest
Try not to stand too long
If you feel you will faint immediately sit or hold on
Avoid exposure to too hot weather
Inadequate body fluid needs
Manage stress well
Light exercise regularly

But if you often faint, it would be better if you see a doctor first directly so that further tests can be done to ensure there are certain medical conditions that need to be aware of that cause fainting. The doctor can then provide you with more appropriate follow-up care.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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