Causes Of Headaches And Harm To The Fetus?

Illustration of Causes Of Headaches And Harm To The Fetus?
Illustration: Causes Of Headaches And Harm To The Fetus?

, I am currently 5 months pregnant, I have sudden complaints accompanied by headaches after which I experience tingling in the legs, hands to face, but only lasts 1 hour / maximum 3 hours. Some months are uncertain whether it’s 3 months 6 months or even 1 month can happen again, my question is what is the problem with headaches and what is the danger to the fetus that is being conceived? Thanks.

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Headaches can be caused by several factors. Broadly speaking, headaches can be grouped based on their causes, namely primary headaches that are not caused by other diseases and secondary headaches caused by other diseases. However, headaches during pregnancy, especially in the early first trimester of pregnancy, can be caused by changes in the activity of the hormone progesterone, which works to dilate the walls of blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure. Entering the second trimester, headaches are more due to an increase in fluid or blood as the fetus develops which can lead to increased blood pressure. At the end of pregnancy, which is in the third trimester, there is a decrease in blood flow due to pressure on the lower blood vessels by the growing fetus. If a person has had frequent headaches before becoming pregnant, the chances of having headaches during pregnancy are greater and worse. So you don't need to worry because headaches during pregnancy don't affect the fetus. However, avoid taking headache medications without doctor's recommendation. Apart from the above causes, headaches during pregnancy can be triggered by several factors such as:

Lack of rest
Too tired
Late meal
Changes in blood pressure
Previous history of headaches

To relieve headaches, you can take the following steps:

Get enough rest
Drink enough water
Light exercise (to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles)
Eat regularly with balanced nutrition
Take paracetamol pain reliever if needed

Although headaches during pregnancy are normal, if this condition continues until the end of pregnancy, it is necessary to be aware of the occurrence of hypertension which can develop into preeclampsia which can cause complications for both mother and baby. For this reason, we recommend that you routinely control the obstetrician who has been treating you. May be useful. Greetings, Dr. Shirly

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