Causes Of Headaches, Jaw And Neck After Childbirth?

Illustration of Causes Of Headaches, Jaw And Neck After Childbirth?
Illustration: Causes Of Headaches, Jaw And Neck After Childbirth?

Morning doctor, what are the signs of thyroid disease. I have complaints of pain starting from the mouth jaw head to the neck after childbirth whether it is a sign of thyroid

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Thyroid disease is a common problem that causes an imbalance of thyroid hormones in your body. Problems occur when the thyroid gland becomes underactive (hypothyroid) or overactive (hyperthyroidism). The condition of the gland is basically in the form of small butterflies found in front of the neck.

Common symptoms of thyroid disease include:

 Nervousness and tremor (trembling).

 Blurred awareness and poor concentration.

 Changes in menstruation.

 Feel swollen.

 Fast heartbeat.

 Aches and pains around the muscles.

 Weight gain.

 High cholesterol.

  several steps are needed to diagnose thyroid disease in detail, namely by blood tests, ultrasound, scanning with radioactive isotope, and biopsy through fine needle aspiration.

while you experience complaints of headaches and jaw and neck may be other causes not thyroid disease maybe you only experience tension type headaches, migraines and stress such as anxiety.

if the complaint that you experience is increasingly disturbing your activity, you can consult a doctor to ascertain the cause of your illness. so the doctor can do a direct examination, if peru the doctor will do a blood check and rongen photographs or CT scan. so the doctor can provide the right handlers according to the cause.

There are several things you can do

 If the pain is disturbing you can take pain relievers such as paracetamol Get enough rest and reduce strenuous activity Minimize stress You can read the article

Thus the info we can provide

hopefully can help you

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