Causes Of Heartburn And Discomfort When Breathing?

Illustration of Causes Of Heartburn And Discomfort When Breathing?
Illustration: Causes Of Heartburn And Discomfort When Breathing?

… My heartburn when I press the pain and the breath feels uncomfortable … It’s been 6 weeks I feel it r nI have stopped smoking from 6 weeks

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Pain in the solar plexus can indeed occur to anyone, this is not limited to smokers or non-smokers. There are various diseases that can cause a painful sensation in the gut. Most of it is caused by disturbances in the stomach and digestive system, but this does not rule out the possibility that this is caused by abnormalities of other organs. The following are some conditions that can cause pain in the gut:

Heartburn caused by an imbalance of factors that protect the stomach lining and its damage, for example stomach acid levels are too high. Heartburn itself can be caused by various things, such as bacterial infections in the stomach, sores on the stomach (peptic ulcers), damage to the lining due to consumption of certain pain relievers, and so forth. In addition to heartburn, other symptoms that can be felt for example stomach feels bloated, easily full, nausea, vomiting, heartburn from the pit of the stomach to the middle of the chest. There are several risk factors that can cause this condition, for example, frequent eating too late, excessive strict diet, frequent consumption of foods or drinks that are irritating eg too spicy, too sour, coffee, smoking, stress, and others.
An acid reflux / reflux disease called gastroesophageal reflux disease. In this condition, there is muscle weakness in the lower esophagus which causes the rise of food and stomach acid from the stomach back into the esophagus. The dominant symptom is a burning sensation in the chest up to the esophagus, sometimes it can get to the mouth that feels sour, bad breath, and often belching. Some of the factors that can worsen the symptoms are obesity conditions, habit of lying down immediately after eating, eating clothes or pants that are too tight and pressing the stomach.

Coronary heart disease. Sometimes in some cases of heart disease, pain is felt in the solar plexus. It should be noted that pain due to heart disease is not only felt in the left chest. Pain can also spread to the arms, neck, neck, and even through the back. Usually the symptoms can be accompanied by nausea, cold sweat, shortness of breath, chest palpitations, and these symptoms will get worse when doing physical activity.
Diseases of other abdominal organs, such as inflammation of the liver / liver, pancreas, and so forth.

Sometimes, diseases of the stomach can cause discomfort when breathing (feels like heavy / stifled especially when breathing) due to the emphasis on the stomach because the lungs are expanding. However, the cause of these symptoms is due to other conditions in the lungs themselves, for example lung infections cannot be ruled out.

Because of the many causes that can play a role in causing your complaint, my advice is to check with your doctor so that doctors can ask more about your symptoms and other symptoms, when they feel pain, factors that trigger and relieve pain, your history, and so forth. The doctor will also conduct a complete physical examination directly and if necessary can also conduct a supporting examination.

Immediately consult your doctor or hospital if symptoms are felt to worsen suddenly, accompanied by excessive vomiting or vomiting of blood, bloody bowel movements (either fresh red or deep black like asphalt), weight loss for no apparent reason.

Meanwhile, keep your body in shape by:

Maintain your regular eating pattern (3 times a day, with interludes of fruits or vegetables 2 times between large meals), or you can eat food in small portions but more often (eat little but often, for example every 4 hours )
Avoid consumption of foods or drinks that can irritate the stomach, for example spicy foods, acids, consumption of coffee that is too often, carbonated drinks, etc.
Avoid eating habits too close to bedtime and sleeping habits after eating (give a minimum gap of about 3 hours before you go to sleep)
Continue your efforts to stop smoking
Consumption of water at least 8 glasses per day
Enough rest
Regular physical / sports activities
Manage stress well
In heartburn due to the influence of stomach acid, the consumption of antacids can sometimes alleviate symptoms.

Also read: Six Causes of Pain in the pit of the stomach and tips to overcome them.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you get better soon.


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