Causes Of Heartburn?

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Excuse me, I have a question. Sometimes I like to feel pain in the pit of my heart, why is this?

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Hi Ftama,

Thanks for the question. Do you have other complaints besides heartburn? Heartburn can be caused by a variety of health conditions, including:

stomach ulcer
stomach acid disease
irritable bowel syndrome
spicy food side effects
side effects of eating too much
side effects of caffeinated or alcoholic beverages
side effects of drugs
and others

This complaint can be accompanied by other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, belching, shortness of breath, and others.

Please try the following suggestions:

avoid eating late
avoid spicy food and caffeinated or alcoholic drinks
avoid eating too much, it's better to eat in small portions but more often
avoid lying down after eating
manage stress well
try taking antacids if complaints arise

If this complaint persists and is very bothersome, you should consult a doctor. More information about your complaint is needed to determine the cause. Your doctor will also need to examine you. From the results of this examination, the doctor will determine the next treatment for you.

Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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