Causes Of Heavy And Long Menstrual Blood Volume?

Illustration of Causes Of Heavy And Long Menstrual Blood Volume?
Illustration: Causes Of Heavy And Long Menstrual Blood Volume?

Hello I am 21 years old. Now I have irregular menstruation and blood tends to be more than usual, already a week has not been a sign of completion. In the past 2012/2013 I had experienced 2 months haud without stopping and a lot of blood came out, but the doctor said it was just a hormone disorder, I treated and recovered. Then I feel now like old symptoms. I then finished menstruation on the 22nd, now this March I started on the 3rd day, now my period has not stopped, there is even more blood coming out, every 3-6 hours it keeps changing. now I am undergoing the treatment of lung spots already finished the final stage. Please explain ­čÖĆ

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complaints that you experience in the medical world is said to be menorrhagia which is a medical term to describe the amount of blood that comes out when excessive menstruation or menstruation lasts more than 7 days. During the menstrual period, the amount of blood that is still considered normal is around 30-40 ml per cycle. A woman is considered to have excessive menstruation if the amount of blood expelled is more than 80 ml (about 16 teaspoons) per cycle. One benchmark that can be used is the frequency or frequent replacement of pads. If during menstruation, replacement of pads filled with blood done less than 2 hours, there is a possibility you experience menorrhagia.

there are a number of causes that affect heavy menstruation and the length of delivery:

 Hormonal disorders: If there is a hormonal imbalance in the body, excessive endometrial tissue decay can occur, causing excessive menstrual bleeding Genetic disorders, especially those that affect blood clotting processes, such as von Willebrand disease. Disruption or growth of tissue in the uterus, such as pelvic inflammation, myoma (uterine fibroids), endometriosis, adenomyosis, uterine polyps, disorders of the ovaries, causing ovulation process does not occur as it should. better to make sure the cause you can immediately consult a gynecologist especially if your menstrual blood is large and still continue until now fearing that you have a lot of blood loss causes symptoms of anemia. if you experience weakness, paleness, dizziness, sweating, nausea and even fainting you should immediately go to the nearest emergency room for treatment. remember you do not let it drag on, you should go to your obstetrician again to re-examine blood checks, ultrasound, etc., as recommended by doctors, menorrhagia treatment aims to stop bleeding, treat the cause, and prevent complications. Treatment will be determined based on the cause of menorrhagia and the severity of the condition. doctor may be able to provide hormonal drugs to normalize your cycle, medications to stop bleeding and iron drugs for anemia, or if you cause certain diseases to be treated according to the cause or to do surgery.

You can also read this article also menstruation that is not normal

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