Causes Of Hepatitis C And Its Treatment?

Illustration of Causes Of Hepatitis C And Its Treatment?
Illustration: Causes Of Hepatitis C And Its Treatment?

Hello wr.wb good morning, mrs. Doker Aya want to ask about the problem of Hepatitis c 0.230 whether it is a low disease, what is high and what causes can occur explain … ?? And is there a medicine that can cure the disease … ?? Please clarify kn

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Walaikumsalam Wr. Wb. Hello, good morning, Bayu ...

What type of hepatitis C examination do you mean? What is HCV-RNA examination?

Hepatitis C examination is generally an examination to detect the presence or absence of antibodies to the hepatitis C virus in the body (antibody test). If someone has antibodies in his body, this means that the person has been infected with a virus. In addition, other tests are examinations to check for the presence of the hepatitis C virus in the body. The first examination to detect the presence of the hepatitis C virus that is commonly done is a qualitative Hepatitis C RNA examination, also known as a PCR test. Positive results indicate that the person has the hepatitis C virus in his body, while negative results indicate that the virus has been successfully eradicated by the body. The second examination is a quantitative hepatitis C RNA examination. The results of this examination are in the form of numbers (like the numbers you mentioned in the question), so far there are no groupings of levels of the virus whether low or high. This number is usually useful for comparing the amount of virus before, during and after treatment.

The cause of hepatitis C virus infection is contact with blood and other body fluids of hepatitis C sufferers, for example through syringes (in medical workers in hospitals or on drug users who share needles), use of blood-contaminated personal belongings. (for example nail clippers, shavers), unprotected sex with hepatitis C sufferers, blood transfusions, people with weakened immune systems (such as HIV), and so on.

Symptoms of hepatitis C include yellowing of the body, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, prolonged fever, decreased appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, grayish stool, and others. However, please note that this symptom is only experienced by 20 percent of people with hepatitis C.

Treatment for people with hepatitis C depends on the level of liver damage and the type of virus they have. Not all hepatitis C sufferers need treatment. In 15-45 percent of hepatitis C sufferers, the immune system can sometimes kill the virus without special treatment so that the sufferer will recover without treatment. While the remaining 55-85 percent will store the hepatitis C virus for a long time, which is referred to as chronic hepatitis C. The drugs given are usually drugs such as simeprevir, sofobuvir, daclatasvir, and others. In addition, doctors may also consider medication through weekly injections for 48 weeks.

We recommend that you consult a specialist in internal medicine for further treatment. The doctor may recommend additional blood lab tests and / or ultrasound examinations to consider whether further treatment is taking place.

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