Causes Of High Fever In Children Aged 5 Years?

Illustration of Causes Of High Fever In Children Aged 5 Years?
Illustration: Causes Of High Fever In Children Aged 5 Years?

At age 5, I have 3 days of high heat when the night reaches 39-40 degrees. Sudh brought it to the puskesmas and checked for malaria ddr (malaria endemic city) but the result was negative. Got antibiotics n powder and fever but it hasn’t subsided, especially yesterday the ear holes were red and swollen, and still, the ears were not sore anymore. Now the complaint is that I don’t want to eat and drink nasal fluids (snot). If the head is removed, it hurts a lot, the eyes are also slightly swollen, the lips are dry and red. Do I need to be hospitalized or take care of the road ???? Mksh.

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Hello John,

Complaints of fever in children can be caused by many factors. The most common is because of an infection. Infection can be caused by flu, sinusitis, inflammation of the tonsils, otitis, pneumonia, malaria, typhus, dengue fever, measles, chicken pox, and other viral and bacterial infections.

Your action to check your child to the health center after 3 days of fever is very appropriate. Are other supporting examinations being carried out apart from malaria? How is the result? For now, you can give a doctor's medicine to your child according to the doctor's recommendation. Besides that you can also do the following tips:

Let the child rest Make sure the child drinks a lot and does not lack fluids. Warm compresses in the folds of the body Bathing with warm water Check body temperature regularly, for example every hour Watch out for signs of dehydration: cowong eyes, cold hands, dry skin, dry mouth, crying without tears, little urine, the child is weak and drowsy continues If you see signs of dehydration, very high fever continues not to go down with fever-reducing drugs given, the child looks short of breath, the body turns blue, you should take your child to the nearest emergency room so that further tests can be done if necessary with blood tests and urine tests to determine the cause of fever and also the condition of your child and so that your child can get more optimal treatment. The doctor will consider outpatient or hospitalization decisions after conducting an in-person examination.

Hope it can help you,

Thank you

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