Causes Of High LEDs And Lymphocytes?

Illustration of Causes Of High LEDs And Lymphocytes?
Illustration: Causes Of High LEDs And Lymphocytes?

morning, I want to ask, last week I suddenly had 38c fever, followed by abdominal discomfort, diagnosed with kidney stones, to Dr.urology turned out to be safe, alright, referred to sp. in, it says there is a liver, blood check SGPT SGOT Bilirubin is good, according to the standard, it’s just that my lymphocytes are high and my LEDs reach 86, I’m 30 years old. What do I indicate, high LEDs and lymphocytes, what else should I do?

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Hello Arintika, Thank you for the question.

Have you consulted a specialist in internal medicine first? An examination by a specialist in internal medicine is needed so that the doctor can dig further about your symptoms and your health condition. In addition, doctors also need to do a physical examination. This information will later be used by the doctor to determine what other examinations you should do. The goal is that the examination that you do is more directed and your medical condition can be known. In addition, to avoid the effects of examinations that are not really needed, for example, the effects of radiation from x-rays or CT scans. Therefore, the best step is to consult with a specialist in a specialist case.

There is some information that I can convey:

  Serum glutamyl pyruvic transferase (SGPT) and serum glutamyl oxaloacetic transferase (SGOT) are enzymes found in the body, one of which is liver cells. If there is inflammation, infection, or damage to liver cells, liver cells will release this enzyme into the blood so that the level of the enzyme in the blood becomes high bilirubin is a yellow substance that results from the breakdown of red blood cells. Bilirubin can accumulate / increase in the blood if there is a disruption in the metabolism of bilirubin or disruption of the disposal of bilirubin in the body for example due to disorders of the liver, blockages in the biliary tract, and other blood sedimentation rates (LEDs) are checks used to determine the presence of inflammation in the body . High yields can indicate infection, inflammation, autoimmune disease, kidney disease, lymphocyte cancer is one component of white blood cells that functions to fight infection. High lymphocyte yield can indicate a viral or bacterial infection in the body, but it can also indicate a more serious condition such as leukemia or other chronic infections. The advice you can take is to bring the results of this examination and consult with your doctor for further internal disease. The results of the examination that you have done will be linked to information obtained by the doctor from interviews and physical examinations. The doctor may recommend further testing to ascertain the cause such as ultrasound, CT scan, etc. After knowing the cause, the doctor will provide further treatment. In the meantime, you are not recommended to undergo a supporting examination without doctor's advice. Please also keep your hands clean before eating and avoid consuming food and drinks that are not clean. Avoid consumption of fatty foods. You are also advised to avoid unprotected intercourse and avoid sharing needles.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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