Causes Of High Leukocytes?

Illustration of Causes Of High Leukocytes?
Illustration: Causes Of High Leukocytes?

Good morning doctor, I am a doctor. I want to ask you about the pain that my mother suffered, before she was admitted to the hospital several times in the past 2 months because of hypertension and typhus, who had previously checked the laboratory for bacteria. at the hospital in infokan it’s okay “and told to go home. so on so just not typed and sent plg, what I want to ask now my mother is being treated in a different hospital again, and the doctor’s info read the results of his lab leukocytes are still high at number 16000. u003cbr u003What caused my mother not to recover until now? u003cbr u003What can my mother be healed? body fever high and until my mother’s head was sick stabbed “from the head to the back of her neck. u003cbr u003return to the hospital again hospital info is fine ” and go home again. u003cbr u003giving like that hospitalized lg the info typhus and there are bacteria + leukocytes still high from the beginning of the incident. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e for proper treatment I need to see what specialist doctors? deal with my mother’s illness immediately before it’s too late.

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Good afternoon Intan, thank you for asking at We understand your confusion. For starters, leukocytes or white blood cells are one part of the immune system. Normally, there are around 3,500-11,000 leukocytes in our body. So in your mother's case, 16,000 is clearly a high number, also known as leukocytosis.

The problem is, high leukocytes are not a specific sign. Leukocytes have subtypes such as neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, basophils, etc. that you may have seen in your mother's lab results sheet. Different levels of each subtype can mean different things. Not to mention, it is not uncommon that the cause remains unknown although the subtype is also analyzed, and must be looked at from other investigations or return to the main complaint. Among the diseases that are signs of increased leukocytes are acute bacterial, viral or fungal infections, inflammation of the thyroid hormone, gout, physical injury, postoperative conditions, allergic reactions, chicken pox, immune system abnormalities, cancer, and even stress can increase leukocytes, even if not as tall as your mother.

So what we want to convey is that laboratory tests like this are not the benchmark. Doctors do not treat with only the benchmark lab results, but the overall clinical condition of the patient. As for the condition of your mother who is difficult to recover, we suspect there is a role for psychological influence so that the doctor does not find abnormalities when examined, and there is more than one disease that occurs at the same time. Therefore, because we also did not check your mother, we can not explain more deeply.

Our advice, check with your mother at an internal medicine doctor, even better if your mother is more than 65 years old, find the geriatric subspecialist. Tell the doctor sequentially about the history of the disease, and the doctor may later ask your mother to do a series of lab tests. After being given treatment, if it does not improve, return to the same doctor for evaluation, whether the condition requires the help of another specialist doctor or not, such as a neurologist or the like. Continue to exercise control, and for each control, make sure you actively ask questions. Realize your rights as a patient's family to know the results of the examination, diagnosis and treatment plan that will be given to your mother. If the hospital states your mother is okay, you have the right to ask the possibility of a diagnosis and the reason why the disease continues to recur based on the examination. If you feel unsure of the doctor, you have the right to seek a second opinion from another doctor.

Meanwhile, continue to encourage your mother, give attention and help in her daily life, such as reminding her to take medicine. If there are any symptoms that are unbearable, do not hesitate to check them into the emergency room. So, hopefully answering your question.

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